Information of what rules and regulation we expect our guest to apply to. The rules are for everyones best and also to guarantee that you and your fellow Longstay guests can get a good nights rest.

Rules and regulations

Everyone who rents an accommodation is obliged to follow the rules that apply according to our terms and conditions, the rental agreement and the rental law.

All tenants who rent accommodation from Sweden Longstay also undertake to comply with the rules below. If any of these rules are not followed, a written warning is issued. If the offense is repeated, the tenant will be immediately terminated from their lease and may move immediately without notice.

Drugs are not allowed on the premises. Neither in apartments, common areas nor in the accommodation rooms, regardless of whether you are of legal age or not. If drug use is suspected, a police report is made.

Keys are issued upon arrival. The tenant replaces the lost key with SEK 300. If the landlord has to change the existing cylinder and three new keys are obtained a cost of 1500 SEK will be aplied to the guest. 

Fire alarm alarm in the property is directly connected to the emergency services. In the event of an alarm, all tenants and possibly visitors immediately vacate the property. The cost of calling the emergency services may be charged to the tenant if the cause of the fire alarm is, for example, due to the tenant being negligent, for example if guests smoked indoors or cooked in the room, or if children without parental supervision intentionally set off the alarm.

Smoking is prohibited inside the facility and in the rooms. If someone is caught smoking in a room or in the facility, you risk being terminated from your rental contract and having to pay cleanup costs for smoke odors. Smoking may only take place outdoors in designated areas.

Consumables Consumables such as detergent, shampoo etc. paid for by the tenant. Unfortunately, this is not something the accommodation provides.

Pets Pets are not allowed.

Night belief. Respect the current rules for rental properties and accommodation, i.e.
observe silence, calm for night worship after 22.00 to 07.00. The times also apply to weekends!

Disagreement between tenants. If in any way it appears that there is a quarrel/disagreement between tenants in the property, the property owner can take a decision, after a warning, to terminate one or more tenants with immediate effect. No deposit or rent will then be refunded.

Port code. The gate code is for you as a tenant. We do not want unauthorized persons to stay in the stairwells, which means that you have a responsibility for whom you give the code to.

Garbage disposal. All waste must be sorted and placed in the intended container in the waste room or container outside. Note the type of waste that you must hand over to the recycling center yourself. No garbage may be left outside the apartment door or placed outside the garbage room. The tenant locks the garbage room with their apartment key. Additional information about waste management is enclosed with the rental contract.

Cleaning. As a tenant, you are obliged to take care of the room you dispose of so that there is no abnormal wear and tear or problems with vermin or other damage to the property. The room is rented furnished and the tenant signs an inventory list when moving in. Everything must remain in the room when moving out, and if something is missing or has had abnormal wear and tear, the tenant will be liable for payment.

If you don't clean your room or don't clean up after yourself when, for example, cooking, you can get a written warning. If improvements are not made, the tenant can terminate the lease with immediate effect. No rent or deposit will be refunded if this happens.

Laundry. You must follow the washing instructions given in the laundry room. Staff are on site to show and train how the machines work if you are unsure.If a tenant were to negligently break laundry equipment, this person may be liable for payment.